Randolph Community Partnership, Inc. (RCP) is an adult education organization open to all Massachusetts residents. RCP provides English for Speakers of

Other Languages, high

school equivalency and

other classes that help students develop and

achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Career Counseling and Referral Service (for students only)  


The Academic Advisor, teachers and Technology Coordinator are all available to assist students with writing resumes and contacting employers. In addition, the Advisor is responsible for referring students in need of services or information not provided through RCP, such as health connections or legal advice, to the right places. If you are an organization that would like to be added to our list of contacts, please contact info@rcpinc.org.


We are also actively working with the Quincy Career Center in Quincy, MA to provide more career-related connections for our students.



  Job Postings 


RCP actively posts job openings for the benefit of students interested in finding a position in the Randolph area and also refers students with resumes to companies with suitable positions. We encourage all employers in Randolph to furnish us with job openings that we can post and keep on file to expedite the benefit of this service to both the business community and the students in our program. If you are an employer who would like to post an open position with RCP, please contact Susan Hearn.



 Workplace Classes 


The Randolph Community Partnership can help companies to plan and implement workplace education classes for their employees. If companies have a large number of employees who do not speak English, workplace ESOL classes can benefit not only the employees but the company as well. Improved English ability means improved communication between supervisors, managers, and employees. It also can mean an increase in company productivity and a reduction in errors. Classes can be arranged on-site during the work shifts or before or after work.  Classes may also be set at a mutually convenient site for a number of companies who wish to participate but may not have enough employees to offer a class onsite. If you're interested in workplace classes, please contact Susan Hearn.