Randolph Community Partnership, Inc. (RCP) is an adult education organization open to all Massachusetts residents. RCP provides English for Speakers of

Other Languages, high

school equivalency and

other classes that help students develop and

achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Enrollment Policy
Our enrollment process involves collecting and sharing some basic information from potential students with Randolph High School (RHS). By asking to enroll in our program you are agreeing to share your name, date of birth and high school history with RHS. RHS reserves the right to grant or deny student access to the building based upon the information we share.
If a conflict arises we will contact you immediately. If you are unable to enroll in our program we will do our best to refer to to another program.
  • RCP follows a managed enrollment policy.
  • Students are admitted into the Adult Education program twice per year; in September and January.
  • If space opens in a class during other times of the year we will fill open slots as needed.
  • No students will be enrolled after April 1st.